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In traditional marital arts schools, only a handful of students were chosen to learn the secrets of the master. This is what is known as closed door training. The unfortunate side effect of the closed door mentality is that some students would work hard for years and never be formally trained. These same students would then go out and try to teach others, often completely unaware of what they did not know.

Master Pesina’s Martial Arts was formed to teach this “closed door” level of martial arts to anyone who wishes to learn and to elevate their overall understanding of Wushu/Kung Fu. If you are willing to put in the time to learn, there is no aspect of martial arts you cannot master.

“Everything is possible to a willing mind!”

Master Pesina’s draws on the accumulation of a lifetime of study to develop training programs in both Contemporary and Traditional martial arts.

Traditional Martial Arts

All traditional martial arts systems use the same basic principles of striking, kicking, joint locking, throwing, grappling, and weapon use. The culture and region each style hailed from determined what principles were emphasized based on the needs and abilities of the practitioners. Though it is generally no longer necessary to train these arts for combat the way practitioners did a few hundred years ago, they can still be trained for general physical well—being and self-defense.

To the untrained eye, traditional martial arts forms look like a strange dance. However, with proper study the hidden applications can be discovered. Along the way, one develops focus, discipline, and helps cultivate a calm demeanor.

Contemporary Martial Arts

Contemporary martial arts shift the emphasis of practice from combat to athleticism. It is a great sport for anyone interested in an activity that develops strength, speed, and flexibility. Performance is heavily emphasized and each athlete develops routines that play to their strengths and help improve their weaknesses. Whether you practice for competition, for personal achievement, or to cross train for other sports, contemporary martial arts offers a well-rounded, fun way to exercise.